Aurora Metallic Epoxy Resin Pigment - Bravo Mix Bundle

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Take your river pours to the next level with the pigment sample bundle (Bravo Mix)! The Bravo bundle contains 18 unique colours including; Glow Blue, Marine Blue, Snow White, Underworld Teal, Black Ice, Ocean Pearl, Peacock Teal, Coral Blue, Green Apple, Cappuccino, Blue Blood, Pink Pearl, Orange Clementine, Spring Green, Rusty Expresso, Crimson Pink, Dirty Grey, and English Sky!

Use and application: add the pigment to your resin/hardener compound gradually, mixing thoroughly, until it has reached the desired transparency and texture.

The use of the Ryver Epoxy mixer drill attachment is strongly recommended for large castings.

Always make a test to validate the colouring.