Our new state of the art made in Canada radio frequency vacuum kiln.
Located at our Muskoka location 1 minute off the 400 hwy at 2741 Hodgins Road, Port Severn, ON.
Contact us to have your valuable wood custom dried and sanitized.


3000 Board foot capacity
12’ maximum length          54” Maximum width          54” Maximum height


ONLY 7-10 days
Can dry fresh-sawn Live edge & Dimensional... Government cannabis, hemp & Vehicles that have been submerged in water.


$1.20 Per board foot - Softwoods                                                       

MC = 8% -12% +/- 1%                                                                                

$2.00 Per board foot - Hardwoods                                                       

MC = 5-9 %

We can pick up & drop off materials at your request.

Large orders, over 100 BF must have similar lengths.
We can not dry WHITE OAK over 20% MC
We cannot accept 20 boards with all random lengths as it confuses the robot.
The robot must not be confused.
Do not confuse the robot.
Wood must be cleaned prior to drop off, or subject to a cleaning fee of $100 per hr. The robot does not dig dirty wood.


  1. RF kilns offer a significant reduction in drying times.  In many cases as little as 1/10th of the time that is required when drying in conventional kilns. Our RF kiln will sterilize the wood, exactly what our health conscious clients are looking for.
  2. RF kilns have the ability to dry heavy stock (8/4, 10/4, 12/4) and large timber efficiently and without major defect.
  3. Heat treatment temperatures in RF kilns can be reached in much less time than conventional heat treatment methods as a result of efficient “direct heating”.  RF kilns are now an approved method of heat treating lumber under ISPM -15.
  4. RF kilns do not require stickers between the lumber which eliminates sticker labour and sticker stain.  RF drying does not rely on air movement between the lumber to remove moisture. Walnut does not require steaming to keep rich tones.
  5. RF kilns run solely on electricity thereby eliminating the need for large commercial boilers. This creates a greener footprint on the environment.
  6. The Radio Frequency drying process heats from the inside out which causes the core of the wood to dry first. This gradual drying from the inside out allows the external surface of the wood to remain wet until the end of the drying cycle. Maintaining a wet outer surface for as long as possible significantly reduces checking and the overall defect of the finished product.
  7. Special Species that take several months in conventional kilns only take weeks in this baby.
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With a Hi-tech machine with tested & true results!