It is an honor to work so closely with the amazing team at Salvage Kings. They do the noble job of rescuing what still has life from old buildings prior to demolition & are currently the #1 reality show in the UK. Congrats guys!

Since 2010 we have been working closely with Ted Finch of Salvage Kings. We have built an amazing friendship and partnership that has given us access to all manner of reclaimed wood, from 100 year old barn beams to bowling alleys. We are proud to restore life to these timbers and share them with our clients for all their creative needs.



Honest Ed’s has impacted every Torontonian in some way. Whether it was to get your Thanksgiving turkey, or to buy a reasonable priced suit, they always had everything you needed & it always felt familiar & friendly.

When we got word of its closure we knew we had to do something to salvage its memory in anyway we could. We reached out to Ellis Don who would be overseeing the demolition and worked out a partnership to save whatever timbers possible, including all the trees from the Mirvish development. These pieces of history are gems in our collection of reclaimed timbers for sale for the client who is looking to own a little piece of Toronto. You can also see these reclaimed beams used in 4 parks between Bathurst & Spadina, where they have been repurposed into beautiful benches.


The Gibbard Furniture Factory was Canadas oldest furniture company, operating out of Napanee Ontario for 173 years. When it came time to close their doors they understood the quality and value of the ancient timbers that framed their factory, & knew they needed to be rescued from the fate of a landfill.

Having seen Deadstok on Salvage Kings, they knew we would be the best people for the job! We were more then happy to be apart of such an important salvage job & rescue all we could from a piece of Canadian history. These timbers are still available for purchase for the client looking to create something that will as long as the Gibbard legacy.